College Department Promotional Video

Cedarville Nursing Department from Cinevita Films on Vimeo.

The above example is from a series of college department promotional videos we produced for a University in Ohio. Video marketing is crucial for college and universities, and its a very specific niche of video marketing. Cinevita Films is a Cincinnati Video Production company with nearly a decade of experience producing video marketing for colleges and universities. There are a wide variety of different video marketing concepts and strategies that come from a decade of experience producing college and university marketing videos.

How to choose a Video Production Company

It seems these days anyone feels they are a video professional since their iPhone can shoot video and they can then upload said video to youtube or Facebook. But simply creating a video does not equal creating an effective and engaging video. Here are Cinevita Films as a Cincinnati Video Production Company, we are dedicated to producing videos that are visually striking, emotionally engaging and strategically effective for the companies we serve. What does that mean? In our opinion, those are the 3 key ingredients to a quality video for your company. Let me break that down:

96% of B2B Companies use Video Content Marketing

Cincinnati Manufactoring Commercial Video Production from Cinevita Films on Vimeo.

As a Cincinnati Video Production Company, we are thrilled to see the positive effects of video production and video marketing being proven through surveys of companies.

In a recent survey conducted by the Web Video Marketing Council, in conjuction with ReelSEO and Flimp Media, 350 B2B marketing, agency and management professionals report that 96% of B2B companies are actively using video marketing with 73% confirming that video has positively impacted marketing results. The companies surveyed were actively using video in their marketing strategy either to promote their services or products, to generate leads and visibility. Hearing that 96% are using video with such a high success rate is certainly encouraging, but honestly we aren’t surprised!

Measuring results with Video Analytics

Video analytics is one of many tools in the arsenal of video marketing. When you work with Cinevita Films, as Cincinnati Video Company, we don’t simply create a video for your and send you blindly on your way. We work with you to develop a marketing strategy and give you insights on best practices and use for your newly create marketing video. I’ve watched far to often a company will work tirelessly on a video only to see it not being used properly and therefore generates no actionable results.

Analytics allow us to measure the success of a video marketing campaign and allows you to shift partway through a campaign to maximize and focus your efforts on what is truly working and reaching your customers. As we have discussed here before, don’t get caught up in the numbers of the analytics, simply allow them to guide you through your video marketing campaign. Don’t overlook one important aspect that can’t be meausured, and that’s how the quality of the video impacts the audience.

Why is video an effective means of advertising?

A lot of companies have yet to realize the value and impact of a video for their company. Video production is increasingly becoming essential for all companies. When a prospective client or potential customer visits your website, they want to engage in video. We often hear that viewers are 60% more likely to purchase or commit to a product or service after watching a video.

Now why is that? I believe its because video is the most emotional medium of advertising. Let’s face it, we are all emotional buyers. Doesn’t matter if that’s a car purchase or hiring a contractor for our home, we make buying decisions based on our emotions. Your company website may be your best frontline offense in your marketing strategy, however there is zero emotion involved in your website marketing if it simply comprised of text and graphics.

College Marketing Video Production

This video was produced for a local University called Cedarville University. Cinevita Films has had a long history of working with College Marketing video and University promotional videos. This particular video was produced for Cedarville University as their main video that they promote and distribute. We visited alumni from all across the country who graduated from this university. This “where are they now?” approach was very compelling as potential students and parents of prospective students are heavily considered with the return on investment of the rising cost of education. Hearing from their peers on the return of their recent investment into their education is a great way to be set at ease. This is a form of a customer testimonial video that we talked about in a previous blog post. In this form we are interviewing previous alumni and seeing them in their daily environment after their college years.

Motion Graphics | Cincinnati Video Production

For some projects, Motion Graphics or Animation are a better avenue for communicating your companies capabilities and vision. Motion graphics and explainer videos are able to be polished to the point of perfection and often compressed to a much shorter time length than live action videos typically can be. We use a variety of illustration and styles, from number oriented motion graphics to character driven animations. We work with industry leading illustrators and animators to produce top notch motion graphics videos and are proud to bring this level of quality to our clients.

Customer Testimonial Videos | Cincinnati Ohio

A customer testimonial video is an extremely powerful and authentic method for promoting your company. We live in an era of ‘user reviews’. Whenever we are looking to purchase a new product we tend to do extensive research to read reviews of previous owners. The same can be said when we are researching a new company to do business with or to purchase a product from. We want to hear from past customers or users as to their experience, and customer testimonial videos are perhaps the best way to do this. When you are able to capture a customer on camera, the viewer is able to see their expressions as they are giving this testimony, which helps sell whether or not this customer truly believes in this product and company.

Cincinnati Video Production | Roof Construction

One of our favorite things about the video production industry is the fact that every day we are working with an extremely wide range of companies. We work with companies ranging from top fortune 500 companies all the way to local coffee shops, spanning almost every industry out there. Construction, or more specifically, roofing construction is one area that we recently started shooting a lot of videos for. Roofing construction is a particularly challenging industry to promote, as most people are used to sleazy salesmen who are part of fly-by-night companies who don’t keep their promises. The team at Shake Guys is anything but this, they hold themselves to impossibly high standards, yet always over deliver. I would trust them with my own home, and I was happy to create a long series of marketing videos to help them expand their business.

Cincinnati Video Production Aerial Video

There are few ways to really bring your video project to the next level than through aerial video and photography. Fluid, dynamic, sweeping shots over your building, campus, or facility and extremely compelling, particularly when the aerial camera is in the hands of both a skilled pilot and a director of photography with a creative eye. There are a lot of video production companies out there offering aerial video and photography, but from what we have noticed, most are operated only by pilots, who often don’t have the creative eye required for compelling framing and an understanding of cinematic motion. At Cinevita Films, our aerial cameras are operated by a skilled pilot with extensive training and a complete understanding of the laws and FAA guidelines, but also by a director of photography who will be able to get the most compelling shots possible. While we are shooting aerial video for your video production project, we can also shoot high resolution RAW still images for use in your print marketing. Our aerial cameras are outfitted for both aerial video production and aerial photography. If you would like to discuss the possibility of adding aerial video and photography to your marketing, don’t hesitate to contact us.