Customer Testimonial Video | Cincinnati Ohio


Customer Testimonial videos are a great way to market your company. There’s nothing as trustworthy as a customer testimonial video. You might believe you can better portray your company capabilities, and maybe you can, but your customer will relate and trust another customer more than they could ever trust you. For this video we decided to sit down with 3 customers in their homes and have them talk about their experience with this customer. What they had to say about this company was just magical, and then we were able to take their testimonies and pair them with footage of the company in action. Next to a Corporate Capabilities video, the customer testimonial video may be one of the most important uses of video for your company. If you would like to discuss how Customer Testimonial Videos could benefit your company, feel free to contact us for a free consultation. Cinevita Films is a video production companies in Cincinnati Ohio and is proud to offer video production services to our clients both in Cincinnati and across the country.

TYPE: Customer Testimonial Video, Online Video Marketing, Sales Videos
CLIENT: Roofing Annex
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