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Cincinnati Video Production Company

Creative Development

The creative process is both daunting and invigorating. Joseph Pierce said, “To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.” This is our approach, a fearless pursuit of developing ideas that connect with your audience and have an actionable impact. Our creative process begins with education. We work with you to understand your approach to business and how you interact with your customers. We then take what we have learned back to the drawing board to define the best way to interpret your vision both in what content we communicate and in the visual style we use. Bottom line, it all boils down to the story we are telling.
Whether the video we are producing is designed for consumers, customers or an internal audience such as employees, vendors, and contractors, Cinevita Films works closely with our clients to create effective and targeted messaging that not only engages the desired audience, but delivers actionable results.

Video Production

We are a full service video production company offering a wide variety of solutions and methods to execute the creative content we develop. The day of production is what we enjoy the most; where we can execute the concepts developed in the pre production stage. We pride ourselves on breaking the mold and engaging with innovative styles and technology to stay on the cutting edge of video production. Cinevita Films offers your company a team of experienced professionals with state-of-the-art equipment and extensive capabilities that allow us to deliver a high quality video.Wether you are looking to create a TV commercial, a web promotional video, an internal video, or a B2B marketing video, we are able to deliver.

Cincinnati Video Production Company
Cincinnati Video Production Company

Post Production

We offer a full array of finishing services including editing, color grading, audio sweetening, etc. Our edit team is world class and is capable of turning a project around faster than you would expect from most video production companies. Our edit bay is where we turn good footage into a great video. We run the latest version of Adobe software allowing us to deliver video editing services, motion graphics, animations, and effects to your project. A quality video relies not only on good footage, but on a skillful editor to shape that footage into a relatable and engaging story.

Motion Graphics

Whether you need a kinetic typography video, or full blown 3D animation, we are able to deliver on any project. We offer engaging “explainer videos”, fully developed and animated in house. Explainer videos are great for a wide range of uses including mobile app videos, product videos, and even TV commercials.

Cincinnati Video Production Company

Cinevita Films is an innovative and collaborative Cincinnati video production company that is dedicated to producing videos that are visually striking, emotionally engaging and strategically effective for the companies we serve.